Mom2Mom Community

A community of Moms who provide fun, support and encouragement for one another in the Greater New Orleans area.

What We Do

Monthly playdates that include story time, related craft, and book giveaway.

Monthly meetings for Moms that typically include breakfast, an activity, speaker, and discussion.

Occasional events like a Mom’s night (game night, dinner, etc.), family event, or other fun gathering.

Make us better

We Need Each Other.

Are you:

A Mom

common ground


we think we are

Ever stressed

c’mon in, sister


we can all use some

Do you need some goodness?

“Taste and See” is our Mom2Mom 2020-21 theme. We can’t wait to walk along together as we dig into goodness this year. Some topics for our monthly meetings will include: Friendship, Experiencing God’s Goodness, Prayer, Anxiety/Depression, and some practical skills.

Read with us

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